Understanding Endodontic Therapy

Endodontists are dentists specializing in maintaining or saving your teeth with endodontic treatments. Root canals are commonly an example of a treatment an Endodontist performs. Endodontists go through additional, specialized training in dental procedures on treatment of diseased dental pulp inside your teeth.

Endodontics is more than just root canals!

What is Endodontistry? Carmichael Endodontic Therapy SacramentoA dentist with training in endodontics has the ability to take care of the inside and outside of your tooth. Although root canals are treatment offered by Endodontists, endodontic therapy is geared to save the dental pulp and only if necessary, perform a root canal.
Endodontics is the specialized study and therapy of the inner, soft tissue of teeth. An Endodontist is focused on diagnosing, and then preventing or treatment of disease and injuries of dental pulp, the soft tissue found inside a tooth.

To become an Endodontist, a dentist receives a minimum of two years of advanced, post-graduate study focused on the biology of dental pulp, root canal therapy and diseases affecting the root and dental pulp of teeth.

One of the benefits of choosing our dental practices is that Micheal “Tim” Koch, DDS., is an experienced General Dentist who enjoys doing root canals and has sort out continued education classes that have taught him the latest in endodontic techniques. Offering Endodontics alongside our General Dentistry services, allows us to save you time and create complete dental treatment plans, managed within our office in Carmichael.

Michael “Tim” Koch DDS in Carmichael is for your General Dentistry and Endodontic dental treatments in one location, it makes sense!