Sustainable Treatment Plans

Dental Cleaning

Cleaning of your teeth by our dental hygienists removes plaque and tartar to reduce the risk of periodontal (gum) disease  and cavities. Routine cleaning saves teeth and gums, as well as provides an opportunity to review dental care routines.

Dental Fillings

A Dental Filling (Dental Restoration) is intended to replace tooth structure lost to decay. Dental fillings can last many years, sometimes a lifetime. However, eventually all fillings will need to be replaced. Constant bacteria from eating and drinking or stress caused from grinding or clenching can cause the filling to fail.

Dental Crowns

We offer one-day ceramic dental crown restoration with CEREC3D® technology. CEREC3D® allows us to  create crowns in office, typically in one appointment, to restore damaged teeth.

Sustainable Cosmetic Dental Treatment Planning

Understand Dental Treatment Procedures, Timeline & Costs Before You Start!

At the Carmichael family dental practice of Michael T. Koch, DDS, we understand the path to better oral health care begins with a sustainable dental treatment plan. It is our mission to assess and then create a treatment plan that fits your goals and lifestyle. Of course, it is also very important that your sustainable dental treatment plan works with any insurance you have and your budget.

Optimizing Your Annual Dental Insurance Benefits

Sustainable dental treatment planning looks at the “big picture”. There are times it is better to deal with several fillings than exhausting your annual insurance benefits with a single expensive procedure such as a crown or root canal. When you start your dental treatment plan it can be important as well. It is always smart to consider when your insurance coverage resets. Don’t leave benefits to expire because that could cost you more out-of-pocket.

Creating a Sustainable Dental Treatment Plan

Our goal is to work with you to develop a dental treatment plan that can be completed. After we assess your oral health. Your immediate and long term oral health care needs to be evaluated. We will create a “road map” of all dental treatment, including procedures, time-frame, and costs. A sustainable dental treatment plan emphasizes a balance between short and long-term oral health care. This sustainable dental treatment plan is designed to be realistic in both goals and your budget.

We Work With You For Your Oral Health Care

Creating sustainable dental treatment plans are fundamental to general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Whether you have healthy, natural teeth or face cosmetic or restorative dental procedures. Sustainable dental treatment planning provides you with peace of mind. Your time in our office and money spent will accomplish the designed and agreed upon oral health goals!

Smart Oral Health Care Budget Planning

Sustainable dental treatment planning is also smart for how you use your insurance and other funding for your oral health care. Our offices provide clear, detailed estimates in writing, on the cost and if appropriate, a timeline of any dental treatment plan. The better informed you are, the easier it is to manage all aspects of your oral health care.