Second Opinion

Get A Second Opinion Before Extensive Dental Treatment Before You Commit To A Substantial Dental Treatment Plan

Dental health problems that require major dental work, often benefit from a second opinion. If your dentist has informed you that you have dental problems that will take an expensive, and often, long-term commitment to correct, a second opinion may save you both time and money!

If you are not comfortable with or have some concerns about a proposed dental treatment plan, that is also a good reason to get a second opinion. It is never wrong or disrespectful of your existing dentist to get a second opinion. Instead, it is just a smart health care practice.

Reasons for having Second Dental Evaluation and Opinion:

  • You feel uncomfortable about the cost and time frame of a dental treatment plan.
  • If past dental treatment plans have failed to correct dental problems.
  • Your dental treatment plan is going to involve surgery.
  • If you are not comfortable with or do not understand a proposed dental treatment plan.
  • Your dental treatment plan involves multiple dentists.
  • You are unsure if the recommended dental treatment plan is necessary.

A Second Opinion for Dental Work Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars and a lot of Time

Dentists have unique experiences, backgrounds, and even capabilities. As with any medical professional, a dentist may have specialized training or a focus that could give him or her a unique perspective on how to treat your dental issues. A different perspective on how to resolve your dental issues often presents alternative dental treatment plans. In some cases, a second opinion just provides peace of mind and helps you make a more informed oral health care decision. At the very minimum, you are able to discuss all your treatment options without challenging your primary dental caregiver.

What are “Blind Second Opinions"?

A “Blind Second Opinion” is when you get a second opinion from a dentist who does not have your medical or dental records or any diagnosis. The advantage of a blind second opinion is that the dentist has to form a dental treatment plan without the influence of a previous estimate. This allows for an unbiased second opinion. The slight disadvantage is that we as your second opinion dentist, will not have diagnostic tests or evaluations. As mentioned, in most cases, this is a good thing because we are not influenced by previous dental treatment proposals.

As with any general, cosmetic or restorative dental services provided by the Carmichael Dentist Michael T. Koch, DDS, patient privacy is of utmost concern. Second opinions are confidential consultations and in no way need to involve the primary clinic or dentist.

Crowns In One Appointment

CEREC Crown technology allows us to replace missing or broken teeth much faster than traditional lab-created crowns allow. CEREC crowns are durable replacements for teeth that replicate color, function and look!

Choose Your Dentist!

Some dental plans offer increased coverage if you stay “in-plan”, but most allow you to choose your dentist! Our clients find our services offer flexibility and comparable, if not better value than most “in-plan” options.

Second Opinions Save Money!

Get a second opinion on a proposed dental treatment plan. A second opinion could be the difference between being able to complete a dental treatment plan or wasting a lot of time and money.